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Hi, I’m Liz, a lifestyle photographer based in Mendocino County.

Hi, I’m Liz! I am a storyteller and a light chaser and I am forever living for those perfect 15 minutes right before the sun dips below the horizon where my subjects are drenched in rim light and it dances off the mountains with perfect flares that fill my heart with incredible appreciation for the beauty of nature and the emotion of the moment. I chase those minutes whether I am capturing my own two little boys while we’re camping on the beach or capturing my clients in my Northern California small town.

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"Liz’s heart, and her vision of a truly beautiful world, and incredible artistic gifts, shine through every photograph she shares. How she captures the emotion she does, that tell a thousand unspoken stories in the moments she witnesses, is possibly one of the greatest gifts of all."

Jeni Guth
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