10 Color presets & 15 AI Masks for Lightroom

California Gold Collection

This preset collection is based around the warm gold tones in a California summer. Warm, soft, and moody, this preset pack brings in everything I love about storytelling photography. The best part of the California Gold Collection is the selection of AI Masking Tools for Lightroom. These tools will revolutionize your workflow and cut out the need for Photoshop. Selectively edit each and every image on top of the presets you currently use to add cohesiveness to your portfolio. Add pop to clothing and smooth the skin with just one click. Apply your settings across a gallery by syncing the whole collection. Your workflow will never be the same!

3 Editing Tutorial Videos

10 Color Presets Included

15 AI Masks for Lightroom Include:

-Add Contrast

-Add Grain

-Add Mood

-Blue Remover for White Clothes

-Blue Sky

-Brighten Faces

-Bring Back the Sky

-California Sun

-Foggy Skies

-Pop Backlit Subject

-Pop the Clothes

-Pop the Eyes

-Smooth the Background

-Smooth the Skin

-White Snow

"Officially obsessed! I just bought Liz DeVinny's presets and AI masking brushes. I am literally astounded at how much time I'm going to save and that I think I can ditch Photoshop now. If you don't have these, you needed them, like yesterday!!! - Amber Rauta

"I am obsessed!! These are amazing - you are a miracle worker!!" - Megan Edenfield

"These presets are absolutely beautiful and the best I've ever used! Thank you so much!! - Marissa Bondy
10 Color presets & 15 brushes for lightroom

Inspired Soul Collection

For me, editing is all about bringing to life the moments that I have captured. I seek to bring out the details that move me and make me feel something and bring me back to the way I remember the emotion of the session. For me as a mama, I see my boys in warm, rich brown tones and vivid color. In the highlights of their bright blond hair, their summertime sun-kissed golden skin, in their favorite bold colors, and in the sweet innocence of their eyes and little hands wrapped in a loving embrace. This is what I feel when I see families love for each other and what I seek to capture in my vision of who they are. A mother's love is beautiful. A lover's passion for their partner is breathtaking to behold. Dirty hands and wild hair deserve a place on my walls to be remembered forever. This was my vision for my preset pack: rich, warm, and inviting. A hug for the soul.

15 Brushes for Lightroom

10 Color Presets Included:

- Boho Indoor

- California Gold

- Coastal Fog

- Field of Greens

- Mountain Views

- Rich, Warm Browns

- Shaded River

- Soft and Dreamy

- Tropical Sunset

- Wildflowers


What's the difference between AI Preset Masks and Lightroom Brushes?

AI Presets for Lightroom can be applied on top of any preset that you use for your gallery and use AI Masking Technology to apply selective edits to different parts of the image. For example, the Skin Smoothing preset will automatically detect all skin areas in the image and apply the mask only to the skin with just one click. A Lightroom brush will allow you to control the selective editing yourself on each image by brushing the mask directly onto the image in the areas you'd like to have it placed. AI Masking will make your workflow significantly faster, but I still hand edit areas of each image with Lightroom brushes to create a final, polished look. So in reality, I use both on every image!